Clinect - ADA


The launch pad for clinicians improving the health of humanity through tech

What’s Clinect

Clinect is the global launch pad and meeting place for doctors pioneering the use of AI and tech in healthcare, and is a supporting partner of Ada-AI. It is for clinician-led health tech companies, startups and practicing clinicians looking to innovate or apply new tech within healthcare systems.

How it works

Get help with

  • Finding investment
  • Securing pilots for your project within a healthcare system
  • Tech support
  • Finding a cofounder
  • Health system navigation
  • Business advice
  • And more +

What Clinect does

  • Profile yourself, your team and your project or business
  • Post a challenge: Whatever your challenge is, it’s likely that someone else has been through it, and almost certain someone has expertise that can help. Find them and discuss it here in our advice exchange
  • Connect with people who can help you and who you can help

How to join

    • To become a member of Clinect you will need to APPLY HERE


  • To be accepted as a member, your project must be focused on healthcare and at least one member of the leadership team should ideally be a clinician

As a member you will also be shortlisted to be part of the Clinect 50 meeting held annually at the Intelligent Health Summit (Basel, September 12th-13th).